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Whether you are looking to bring relaxation, physical fitness, or connectedness to your team, we can find the right yoga class for you.  Offer your team a restorative or invigorating morning yoga class, schedule a guided flow class at noon, or wind down the workday with a happy hour power flow. 

Flow - A yoga flow that incorporates a sequence of postures designed to increase strength, flexibility, mobility and balance while practicing the breath-body connection. Expect to leave class feeling strong, stretched, and refreshed!

Calm - A meditative yoga flow that offers mindful movements linked with breath.  Slow down, focus on breath, and explore postures while releasing tension in the body.  Feel clear and rejuvenated after purposefully moving in and out of postures. 


Grounding - Build steadiness and ease into each posture during this grounding flow.  Tune in and mindfully engage muscles to support the body.  Root down to create a strong base for each posture while also centering and lifting the body and energy.  Feel grounded, stable and calm. 


Power - A challenging and energetic form of yoga that moves from one pose to the next connecting breath to movement. This class will build strength, flexibility, focus, and balance to feel stronger and ready to take on the day!

HIIT - Increase the heart rate and sweat it out with our HIIT Yoga class (High Intensity Interval Training).  HIIT Yoga is designed to build strength and burn calories by increasing the heart rate in short bursts.  This class will start with a flow warmup, then HIIT, followed by balance and final stretches.  Get ready to feel strong and empowered!

Foundations - This class is an introduction to the basic postures and breathing techniques that are essential to creating a lifelong yoga practice.  Transitions from one posture to another will be taught with patience, and instruction will be detailed and demonstrated. Learn to connect with the body and quiet the mind in a supportive environment.

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