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Healthy Cooking
Healthy Food
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Give your team the gift of better nutritional health with a series of classes led by our nutritionist.


Virtual or In-Person Cooking Demo - Each cooking demonstration will be a 30-minute recipe that is easy to prepare. The recipe and ingredients will be provided in advance to attendees as they may choose to cook during the presentation.


Examples of recipes:

  • No added sugar dessert

  • Balanced plant- based meal that is vegan, and gluten free 

  • 3 quick and easy on-the-go options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Immune boosting meal

  • Seasonal recipes using seasonal produce as basis of the meal

Nutrition Education Presentations - Each 30 minute presentation will include a Q&A as well as a hand-out summarizing your selected nutrition topic.  


Examples of presentations:  

  • Nutrition 101- this class will cover the basics of nutrition including the importance of macronutrients, examples of healthy options for each macronutrient, how to build a balanced plate with proper portion sizes and reading the nutrition facts label.

  • Nutrition, Sleep, & Mood - Connecting the dots between the 3 topics and how nutrition and gut health play an important role in sleep and mood.

  • Immune Boosting Nutrition - Learn about ways to stay healthy all year long, food components that boost our immune system, our Nutritionist’s secret immune boosting snack idea, and wellness shot recipe.

  • Nutrition Facts Label & More - Get the facts on the Nutrition Facts! Become educated on the Nutrition Facts label and marketing/ product claims including organic, natural, free range etc. Learn about the regulations behind each claim and if it is truly regulated by the FDA or USDA.

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