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Have your team grab their mats and gain the benefits of the Pilates method.  Our instructor will lead your group through precise movements and breathwork.  If practiced regularly, the result is increased muscle tone, flexibility, better posture, and an improved mind-body connection.

Principles and Foundations – Strengthen and lengthen while focusing on your core and the the fundamental principles of pilates including concentration, centering, control, flowing movement, precision, and breath.  Set the foundation for your pilates practice.


Posture Pilates - Restore your posture through exercises that target the core, strengthen the upper back, improve alignment, and release tension.  You will feel taller, stronger, and refreshed.


Mat Flow – Support your mind-body connection in an intermediate level class.  Focus on breathwork, mobility, and flexibility while building core strength.  This class is designed to boost energy and release tension at the same time.

Private Instruction -  30, 45, and 60 minute private virtual instruction is available to our clients.  These classes are specifically designed to meet an individual's intentions and goals for their pilates practice.  A consultation will take place prior to the initial class to establish a customized plan, and objectives will be revisited throughout the program. 

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