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Yoga Class
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Make a healthy mind and body a priority for your company, your team, and you!  Working Wellness delivers yoga, meditation, pilates and nutrition classes in-person and virtually. 




Companies are integrating wellness activities into their day-to-day strategy and overall corporate culture.  Happy and healthy employees have proven to result in better productivity, lower healthcare costs, and less turnover. Working Wellness can bring your employees live virtual or in-person classes so they can connect with each other in a healthy way. 


We can create a complete corporate wellness plan that encompasses a variety of yoga, meditation, and nutrition classes, or we can schedule a monthly pop-up class as a team building event.  Or, you can opt for a day retreat for your company hosted by Working Wellness at Rushton Conservation Center and Rushton Woods Preserve, a beautiful property in a stunning setting in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. 


Working Wellness Virtual Yoga is a creative way to provide employees with an option to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated together. 


Working Wellness can deliver the same services to youth sports teams!  Give your team a competitive edge with a Working Wellness yoga and mindfulness meditation experience customized for your particular sport.  We can come to your training facility, practice at one of our local studio partners, or create a virtual experience. 

There’s no doubt that young athletes receive a myriad of benefits from practicing yoga.  Building strength and flexibility, gaining body awareness and control, improving balance and coordination, and learning how to use breath to neutralize the nervous system are just some of the advantages to incorporating yoga into a training program.  

Yoga can also be a key component in helping to prevent injuries by strengthening and stretching muscles, ligaments, and tendons and working to improve joint function and stability.

We recommend incorporating a brief mindfulness meditation element into any yoga class for athletes.  It can enhance mental focus, improve concentration, and decrease anxiety. 


We offer private, semi-private, and group yoga, pilates, meditation, and nutrition classes.  These classes are specifically designed to meet an individual's or group's intentions and goals. 

Yoga Class
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