Stretching and yoga at home with online
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Create a virtual wellness program for your remote employees to keep them healthy, focused, and connected!


Companies are integrating wellness activities into their day to day strategy and overall corporate culture.  Happy and healthy employees have proven to result in better productivity, lower healthcare costs, and less turnover. 

Now more than ever, wellness programs must provide opportunities for employees at home.  We work with human resources departments and insurance companies to deliver virtual yoga, pilates, meditation, and nutrition classes as a team building exercise or part of a corporate wellness plan.

Long periods of sitting in front of a computer can affect the well-being of employees. This, in addition to the stress of our current environment, makes wellness classes an ideal option for employees. Our virtual classes are designed to counter the effects of sitting for an extended period of time and incorporate breathing techniques that relieve stress. In addition, a virtual yoga, pilates, meditation, or nutrition class is a constructive way for employees to feel connected to their company and colleagues without being physically present.


Working Wellness Virtual Yoga is a creative way to provide employees with an option to feel relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated together