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Schedule a time out for your team where they will practice focusing their mind and training their attention with our experienced mindfulness facilitators.  Our meditation instructors teach a variety of classes and we will work with you to determine the appropriate class or program to meet your meditation goals.  

Guided Mindfulness - Offering foundational mindfulness practices through guided meditation.


Anchor Practice - This introductory guided meditation introduces the basics of mindfulness practice and offers students the opportunity to develop individualized anchors for attention including focusing on sounds, the body, and the breath.

Home Practice How To's - Developing a mindfulness practice is a lot easier when it feels comfortable. It helps to have some instruction around the kinds of options for postures (while sitting, standing, or lying down) that can make practice more sustainable. This class offers guidance for posture possibilities so that students can explore what works best for them.


Formal vs. Informal Practices - As students become more comfortable with their meditation practice, they may start to notice feeling more present and focused (or mindful!) in daily life. This class defines the difference between formal practice (time dedicated to meditation on purpose) and informal practice (practicing mindfulness on-the-go) and how these two ways of practicing support each other.

Body Scan Meditation - This meditation offers instruction on an essential component of mindfulness practice. Access deep relaxation through this guided body scan. Turning our attention to the body as an anchor can assist us in reducing mind wandering while also aiding us in releasing muscle tension.


Stress Reduction Practice - A common belief about meditation is that the experience itself is relaxing. While a lot of the time this is true, it is also true that much of the time our minds or bodies are working with some kind of stress and the experience can be challenging. This class helps students work with difficult emotions and physical sensations in such a way that this practice can not only transform the meditation experience, but life outside of it as well.


Mindful Self-Compassion Practice - The inner critic can be really loud sometimes, and while a little bit of critical self-judgment can help steer us in a more productive direction, too much of it can get in the way of our feelings of competency and our effectiveness. Researchers studying Mindful Self Compassion practices have shown that they increase motivation, boost self-worth, and foster resilience.

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