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Whether you want low intensity or high, our barre inspired classes will deliver improved muscle definition, increased strength, and better posture in a 30, 45, or 60 minute experience set to driving and motivating beats.  

Barre for Lower Body – Become familiar with the most common barre terms and exercises while improving muscle definition and increasing strength through thighs, seat, hips, and abs.  Suggested equipment: fitball (9 in) or rolled up towel, yoga mat, sturdy chair.  

Barre for Upper Body - Improve muscle definition, increase strength, and enhance posture through the arms, chest, shoulders, and core in a targeted and efficient barre class experience.  Suggested equipment:  2 or 3lb dumbbells, yoga mat. 

Barre Bootcamp – Move at your own pace through 4-6 barre inspired intervals designed to take the body through a full range of motion and promote heart health.  Suitable for all levels, this fast-paced, low-impact HIIT workout is a great calorie burn!  Suggested Equipment: 2 or 3lb dumbbells, light ankle/wrist weights, yoga mat.

Barre for Better Posture - Activate and strengthen posture-supporting muscles from top to bottom.  Part stretch part strength, this slower-paced barre inspired class will leave you feeling great and taller! Suggested Equipment: yoga mat, resistance tube(s) or yoga strap, sturdy chair or tabletop.

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